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Dr. Luk Vandenberghe and His Work in Gene Therapy

Dr. LukOne of the brilliant researchers attending VISIONS 2013 is Luk Vandenberghe, a Belgium-born principal investigator at Massachusetts Eye and Ear who also happens to be a recipient of Foundation funding. His specialty is gene therapy, or fixing defects in the genes that cause retinal diseases. But his knowledge of genetics, after 15 years in the field, is broad, which is one of the reasons why he sat on the “Gene Therapy 101” panel, along with Drs. Shannon Boye and John Flannery, at the conference.

Afterwards, Dr. Vandenberghe was kind enough to sit in front of a camera in the corner of a nearby restaurant and answer my questions about his background, his work and the role FFB plays in forwarding groundbreaking research such as his.

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