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VISIONS 2014 — Clinical Trials Need Pioneers

Drs. Shannon Boye and Jacque DuncanWith about 20 clinical trials underway for retinal degenerative diseases, and many more ready to launch soon, the buzz about signing up for them has never been louder. When it comes to human studies for potential treatments and cures, everybody wants in.
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VISIONS 2014 – The Multi-Talented Dr. Shannon Boye

Shannon BoyeShannon Boye, Ph.D., is something of a rock star here at the VISIONS 2014 conference. Serving as a panelist in sessions on gene therapy and clinical trials, the University of Florida assistant professor has won compliments for her skill in explaining complicated research in plain English. And her compassion for those affected by retinal diseases is plain to see.
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VISIONS 2014 — My Retina Tracker: Track Your Vision and Drive the Research

Rusty BromleyOne of the big challenges with rare retinal diseases is, well, they’re rare. That makes it hard for researchers to find disease-causing genetic mutations and understand why the defects result in vision loss. It also makes it tough to figure out why a disease can progress at such different rates, even for people within the same family. Perhaps what’s most difficult is identifying enough participants for clinical trials for potential therapies.
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Colorado, VISIONS 2014 — See You There!

Colorado skylineIf you were someone affected by a retinal disease, and looking for the perfect event, one which combines the latest research updates with networking opportunities and support sessions, it would look exactly like the one FFB is hosting in Colorado June 19-22  — VISIONS 2014. Roughly 500 Foundation members, associates and researchers will gather at the annual conference, which will also be covered via this blog and social media, for those who can and can’t make it.
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