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VISIONS 2015, Faces of VISIONS – Phillip Mason

Phillip MasonOne of the speakers at VISIONS 2015 is Phillip Mason, a development officer at Blind Industries and Services of Maryland whose topic of discussion is “Physical Fitness and Sports for the Visually Impaired.”
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VISIONS 2015, Faces of VISIONS – Amy and Nathan Hayes

Amy and Nathan HayesOne of the wonderful things about the Foundation’s annual conference—taking place this year in FFB’s founding city of Baltimore—is it draws all kinds of people from around the world. And while they’ve come to gather research information and hear motivational speakers and meet others like themselves, each has his or her own story to tell.
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VISIONS 2015, FFB’s National Conference — In Our Founding City!

skyline of BaltimoreIt was 44 years ago that a handful of Baltimore-area families—intent on wiping out the vision-robbing retinal diseases affecting their members—established the Foundation Fighting Blindness. They soon discovered how daunting that task would be, but also offered each other support and solace during a very dark time.
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Sun and Funds: FFB’s Annual Summer Campaign

Summer Challenge web pageWe all know that Memorial Day is not, technically, the first day of summer. But seeing as we like to stretch summer out as much as possible, it only makes sense to kick it off… well… a few weeks early. The same premise is behind FFB’s Summer Challenge to End Blindness campaign, which began Memorial Day weekend and continues through the upcoming season.
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A (Fundraising) Bicycle Built for Two

TThomas and Joewo men on a tandem bike, one of them blind, is not something you see every day. And that’s the point. “Here’s an old guy and a blind guy riding across the country. What can you do?”

That’s Joe Shearer, a retired, and sighted, United States Air Force veteran who, along with Thomas Hyatt, who has retinitis pigmentosa, set out today on a 4,100-mile trek from Oregon to Virginia. Their goal is to raise awareness and funds for three nonprofit groups, including the Foundation Fighting Blindness, before they finish up in late August.
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The Story Behind Be My Eyes, a New App for the Blind

Hans WibergConsidering how long trees have been around, it’s hard to believe dendrochronology, the practice of dating trees by their rings, wasn’t invented till the mid-1940s. “Anyone could have come up with that sooner,” Hans Jørgen Wiberg, a 51-year-old Denmark resident, says with a chuckle. “I kind of feel the same way.”
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‘Maybe I’ll Come Up with a Cure’ – Nathan Hayes’ Story

Nathan HayesLike his parents, Nathan Hayes keeps up with the latest advances in retinal research. He’s even had some skin removed, so that a researcher can create stem cells that may someday restore the vision he’s lost to retinitis pigmentosa. “I figured I’ve learned so much about the science, I might be a researcher myself,” he says. “Maybe I’ll come up with a cure.”
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A True Survivor — Q&A with Fred Scheer, a World War II Vet with RP

Fred Scheer, US ArmyWhen I first met Fred Scheer, I was impressed by his quiet, friendly demeanor. I had no clue, at the time, that he was a U.S. Army veteran who’d been deployed during the D-Day invasion, captured by the Germans and then sent to a labor camp, from which he managed to escape. What is also interesting is that Fred is Jewish and has retinitis pigmentosa (RP).
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Holiday Giving Means Doubling Your Gift

Allison Corona videoFor many reasons—not the least of which are holiday-related—December is a month when we all consider ways to give to others. And the spirit of giving has never been more apparent than it is right now at the Foundation Fighting Blindness. Not only is our end-of-year fundraising campaign in full swing; it’s bolstered by the Chairman’s Holiday Match. What that means is, for every dollar someone gives, it’ll be matched by another dollar—thus doubling its value. Give $25, it’s worth $50. Give $50, it’s worth $100. And so on.
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A New App for Book Readers with Low Vision

Spotlight TextVision impairment is a challenge for people who love books. Accommodative technologies are often expensive and cumbersome, and many apps and systems can’t be configured to meet each person’s specific reading needs.

But a new iPad app called Spotlight Text may be the ticket for visually impaired book lovers, young and old alike. It’s used in conjunction with Bookshare, a nonprofit, online library for people with print disabilities. The subscription service has access to 300,000 titles, including New York Times bestsellers and many K-12 textbooks.
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