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Dr. Patricia Zilliox

Patricia Zilliox, Ph.D., is the Foundation’s chief drug development officer. She oversees the planning and execution of clinical trials through the Foundation’s Clinical Research Institute, and partners with institutions and companies around the world to advance promising treatments to patients affected with blinding retinal diseases.

The following articles were authored by Dr. Patricia Zilliox

Promising Research Highlighted at Meeting of Retinal Gene Therapy Experts

genesWhen it comes to fighting blinding retinal diseases, nothing has been more exciting than the advancement of gene therapies into clinical trials. And, with human studies of gene therapies now underway for Leber congenital amaurosis (LCA, RPE65 mutations), Usher syndrome type 1B, Stargardt disease, retinoschisis, choroideremia and retinitis pigmentosa (MERTK mutations), scientists are gaining new knowledge every day about the best technologies and methodologies for gene-therapy development.
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Need-to-Know Information about Clinical Trials

clinical trial patientWith about 15 clinical trials underway for inherited retinal diseases, and several more poised to begin in a few years, patients are eager to sign up for access to potential vision-saving therapies.
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The FDA’s Indispensible Role (a guest blog from Dr. Patricia Zilliox)

Pill bottle with pills spilling outTo get a sight-saving treatment or therapy to the commercial market in the United States, you need three basic things: 1) scientists to discover and develop it; 2) money to support the research; and 3) Food and Drug Administration (FDA) marketing approval. While it may not seem obvious, the FDA ultimately drives everything — the researchers and the money. That’s because without FDA approval, you have no treatment, even if you have great research and adequate funding.

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