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Michael Stone

Michael Stone is a triathlete, coach, speaker, fundraiser and author of the book Eye Envy: Perspectives Into Vision Loss. Affected by cone-rod dystrophy, a degenerative retinal disease, he is legally blind. He’s the co-founder of the Race to Cure Blindness, a fundraising program for FFB, and he resides in Boulder, Colorado.

The following articles were authored by Michael Stone

My Race to Cure Blindness

Michael Stone in a bike race Although a disease called cone-rod dystrophy has rendered me legally blind, I’m known, in certain circles, as a world-class triathlete. I swim as well as bike and run (often on mountain trails). I began competing before my vision deteriorated, and I’ve since learned to use my other senses. In fact, I like to think of my feet as my eyes. I take an awful lot of steps, and I don’t land heavily. If I’m on a trail and step on something that doesn’t feel right, I hop off, then move quickly forward. It’s usually on the run where I beat my competition.

But you know what? I can no longer shop for groceries.

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