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ARVO 2018: Dr. Henry Klassen Provides Update on jCyte Stem Cell Trials

Dr. Henry Klassen, jCyte co-founder and investigator at UC Irvine, provides an update in the video below on the clinical trials for an RP therapy derived from stem cells.

11 Responses to 'ARVO 2018: Dr. Henry Klassen Provides Update on jCyte Stem Cell Trials'

  1. This is so encouraging. How can people join the trial? My daughter has Usher Syndrome. Would this be capable of helping her too? She has very restricted vision at age 26.

  2. James A. Jackson Jr. says:

    My husband eye conditions have gotten worst,so is there anything you can do for him.James A.Jackson 9017890758 or 1106 Quailrun Ln. Memphis,Tn 38109

  3. Ron Plamondon says:

    While my retinal detachment in my right eye was being repaired I got scarring or puckering to badly that I am basically blind in that eye. I got a central retinal occlusion in my left eye and I have little vision there. So, I am legally blind. Is there any stem cell therapies or trials that would help me?

    • EyeOnTheCure says:

      Hi Ron, unfortunately the Foundation is not able to provide recommendations regarding medical care or treatments for a specific patient. We recommend you consult your doctor for your individual medical needs.

  4. Dyllis Everett-Wells says:

    Very exciting how we are moving forward to cure AMD

  5. Elizabeth Ivey says:

    Are macular degeration and macular dystrophy included in your trials?

  6. Donald J Celorio says:

    How can these potential treatments work with patients that have Multifocal choroiditis in both eyes?

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