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A Stem-Cells Video for Kids (and Newbies of All Ages)

Animated videoGiven that inherited retinal diseases are often diagnosed in childhood, it’s only fitting that kids get the opportunity to learn about the promising research and emerging treatments under development to save and restore their vision. Of course, the biology and genetics can be difficult to understand for even an educated adult, so when something kid-friendly is produced, especially a video, we are eager to share it.

Enter a two-minute animated video which does a nice job of simply explaining what stem cells are, where they come from and how they can be used to treat disease. It was put together by the National Center for Research Resources at the National Institutes of Health. There are times when the language can get a little technical—the use of the word “pluripotent,” for example—but I suspect many kids will get most of it.

The Foundation Fighting Blindness currently funds several stem-cell projects, because of their potential for replacing and saving photoreceptors, the cells that make vision possible, lost to disease. Listed below are a few Foundation posts highlighting the great stem-cell work underway for the retina.

ReNeuron to Receive Support from FFB for its Stem Cell Therapy Candidate for RP

Stem-Cell Research: Moving at the Speed of Light

UCI Stem-Cell Pioneer Poised to Launch Clinical Trial for RP Patients

4 Responses to 'A Stem-Cells Video for Kids (and Newbies of All Ages)'

  1. Laurie Field says:

    have RP
    coped with the knowledge for 50 years. Still have some vision..use the help offered. Learn to use your guide stick for your safety and almost as important . To let others know that you have a problem. it is offered free from the County .

  2. Vince Boyd says:

    Great job with the animated video! Keep ’em coming…please.

  3. muhammad Aslam Butt says:

    Well, It is very helpful to proceed my matter well to get a better result and the problem I am facing is actually my grand daughter having iris problem and the concerned doctor told me that the pressure is builtin g well as the age of grand daughter is 6+ month. Now Doctor told me to get Iris Diaphragm and it can be put inside the eyes of baby easily by operation.

  4. Rachel says:

    Good video! A great attempt, I must agree.I didn’t know that stem cells can help with many illness and their recurrence. The first time I heard about stem cells was when I was working at Dr. Sammy Sliwin’s clinic in Toronto as a temporary staff.They did provide stem cell treatments for post op patients.

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