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AMD Alliance Resource
Learn more about wet AMD as a chronic disease in this AMD Alliance International report. It calls attention to the importance of early intervention, regular proactive treatment and integrated care, and that research continues for improved treatment options. The Foundation Fighting Blindness is a proud member of AMD Alliance International.

Dr. Stephen Rose on AARP Radio Program

The Foundation’s Chief Research Officer contributed to a popular AARP radio program heard across the nation, where he discussed the complexity of AMD and emerging AMD research. Learn morehere.

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Video 1: Advancements in AMD Research

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A Voice of AMD Awareness

The Foundation’s ongoing print PSA campaign targets national magazines to help raise awareness about AMD risk, symptoms and resources. The effort has achieved visibility in highly circulated publications including AARP The Magazine, Southern Living and Cooking Light, among others, to reach millions of readers. An online PSA component also appeared on the websites of Women’s Health and Men’s Health magazines.

Reaching people who are affected with, or at risk for, AMD is an important part of the Foundation’s commitment to be the premier source of education and information for vision-robbing retinal conditions.

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Should I Get Genetically Tested for AMD?
More genetic tests are becoming available everyday for a wide range of diseases, including age-related macular degeneration (AMD), the leading cause of blindness in people 50 years of age and older.  But can a genetic test help determine a person’s risk for AMD?  Read more.

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